6 Ways our Membership Software Simplifies Member Signup and Retention


Today our expectations are high when it comes to the level of online self-service provided by any organisation. Membership is no different. Your members may no longer have the patience for badly integrated signup and renewal processes.

At VeryConnect we love efficiency, for you and for your members. Here are six ways our software makes it easy for your members to sign up and to stay a member.

Simple signup forms

We design our signup forms to consist of simple steps rather than long and intimidating pages. Since your organisation is unique, we define the exact steps together with you during the setup process.

Start of member signup journey
Example start of a member signup journey.

Social signup

You can choose to let your members sign up with social media. This simplifies signup and auto-completes member profiles on your platform with information pulled from their social account.

For example, I signed up to this platform using LinkedIn and my profile photo, email address, and professional information was automatically imported to my profile.

VeryConnect social signup profile
Admin view of member profile. You decide what information members can see about each other.

Pay by card or direct debit

The final step of the signup process is to pay for membership. You can let your members choose to pay by card or by direct debit. Submitting your payment details is as easy as online shopping.

Our third party payment providers Stripe and GoCardless save all card details and store them securely. If your members ever make another payment on your platform the details will be remembered and they can pay with one click.

Select type of membership and payment frequency

Our system can accommodate several types of membership and payment frequencies. We let you give your members the freedom to select what type of membership they want, for example Gold or Silver, and how often they pay, for example monthly or yearly.

If new members of certain membership types need to be approved by your team before joining, the system will send you a notification as soon as a new application has been received. You can then approve or decline membership in the admin panel of your platform and an automated email will be sent to the applicant to let them know of the outcome.

All member self-service in one place

Once your members have joined we want to make it as easy as possible for them to remain with you. Our software can include member self-service for everything from upgrading membership type to updating communication preferences and contact details.

By letting your members update their details themselves there will be no admin barrier for them to get what they want out of their membership.

Member self-service options on mobile screen
Member self-service options on mobile screen.

Automated membership subscriptions

Last but not least, we can process automated membership subscriptions both through card payments and direct debit. Automated subscriptions make it easier to remain a member since no action is needed when it’s time for renewal.

If you want to give your members notice that renewal is coming up the system can send an automated reminder a few days or weeks before renewal takes place. The system will also send an automated receipt once payment is complete.

You decide if you want membership subscriptions to be automated or manual. The same applies to most of the functionality we offer – you decide if it is right for your organisation and membership.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can make it easier for your members to sign up and remain with your organisation.

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By Anna Bjorkman, Marketing Manager at VeryConnect

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