How it works

Our all-in-one membership management software has all the features you would expect and more. What makes it even better? You can tailor those features to create a membership platform that’s perfect for you.

Data management made easy

Our powerful CRM system allows organisations to manage their customer relationships with ease. Track interactions with members, and keep all data in one secure, central location. Easily import and export member data and generate member lists and reports with ease. Members can view and update their own information, manage their profiles, and connect their social media such as LinkedIn, ensuring their data is always up to date.

Streamline payments and subscriptions

Manage online payments, such as membership fees, recurring payments, donations, fundraising, event ticketing and more. Integrate with your chosen payment provider and accounting software and create a streamlined process that effortlessly logs all transactions and can make processes such as membership renewal happen automatically.

Organise events with ease

Our powerful event management features make it effortless to create, promote, and manage events of all sizes. You can do everything from online registration and ticketing to attendee tracking and automated event reminders. Event organizers can also use VeryConnect to manage event logistics, such as sponsor and speaker management, making it easy to stay on top of all aspects of event planning.

Communicate with your members in just a few clicks

Create and send targeted email campaigns, newsletters, and notifications to your members to keep them up to date and engaged. Create and manage email campaigns, set up templates, automation workflows, and A/B testing. Campaigns can also be tracked and analysed, so you can gain valuable insights.

Engage with your members with a vibrant community

Engage your members with content and discussion. Easily create and share blogs, news articles and videos or start discussion topics in the forum and watch members come together to share knowledge, discuss points of interest, and build stronger connections. You can control who content is shared with and send automated notifications to members when new content is published.

Branded your way

Your platform will be branded to integrate seamlessly with your existing website and membership materials ensuring trust and familiarity with your members. Customize your member portal, add logos, brand colours and more. Need a new website for your platform? We can help with that too.

Gain insights with reports and analytics

With a wide range of reporting and analytics tools, you can gain valuable insights into your membership. VeryConnect includes a range of pre-built reports, as well as the ability to create custom reports and dashboards. Reports can be easily exported to Excel or other formats, making it easy to share insights with others.

Security and data protection

We take data security and compliance seriously and take a range of steps to ensure that customer data is secure and compliant with regulations such as GDPR. We have features such as two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and automatic data backups, so that customer data is always secure. Privacy and security are central to everything we do at VeryConnect and you can trust that your members’ data is safe and secure with us.

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Don’t see a feature you’re looking for, or think your process is a bit out of the ordinary? Then get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs. The flexibility of our software means we can work with you to tailor our features to suit your needs.

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From your first demo, until the day your new platform goes live, we’ll be with you to make sure it’s a success.


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