Corporate Social Responsibility

At VeryConnect we care about the world around us and are continuously taking steps to ensure we are a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible company. Here are just a few of the things we do to achieve this.

Living wage employer
VeryConnect is a living wage employer and ensures that all staff are paid fairly for the work they contribute to the organisation.

Flexible working
Our team of talented people are based all around the world from our Glasgow office to their living room in Sao Paulo!

We understand that everyone has different things going on in their life and our team work around study, family and care commitments. They do this through flexible hours, options to work remotely and more.

We believe that this flexible approach gives a healthier work/life balance and ensures we don’t miss out on talented people because we insist on 9-5.

Growth Mindset
At VeryConnect we believe in lifelong learning. We challenge each other and are always striving to do better, learn more and improve.

We work on a meritocracy of ideas, accepting that perfect should not be the enemy of good. We subscribe to the agile manifesto & design-thinking.

Equality and diversity
Everyone is welcome at VeryConnect. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated. We recognise, it’s not always simple, especially when bringing together different teams, cultures and demographics, but are constantly working to improve our efforts and seek advice from external HR consultants and experts to ensure we are always up to date on best practices.

Accessibility and ease of use
We are continuously working to ensure that our software is easy to use and accessible to all customers. We are rated 4.8/5 for ease of use by independent Capterra reviews.

Our technological role is to minimise friction and maximise the psychology of participation including through good UX, design patterns, familiar interactions, aesthetic design, accessibility, and inclusivity. This must be aligned with unobstructive and unobtrusive compliance, security, reliability, and robustness. We challenge ourselves to ensure we’re always focussing on providing the utmost sense of belonging and familiarity, striking the balance between fashionable trends and ease-of-use for all demographics and abilities.

Environmental sustainability

Carbon offset company
Since 2014 we have been measuring our carbon footprint, tracking everything from commuting and business travel to electricity consumption and cloud server usage. We pay to offset our carbon footprint – predominantly with tree planting.

We are an entirely paperless company; contracts are signed electronically and files stored digitally.

We avoid unnecessary travel, using online technology for most of our customer meetings.

Suppliers and partners
We use only partners and suppliers with responsible, environmentally friendly recycling and disposal policies.

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