What do Alumni Association Leaders have in Common?

Graduations at The University of Glasgow, looking out from the Cloisters

Have you ever wondered who leads your alumni network? We went to find out. Directors and Heads of Alumni maintain the bond between you and your university after graduation. They connect hundreds of thousands of people. The role is slightly different at each university. Some universities focus more on fundraising, others on helping alumni to […]

Membership Engagement is Vital for Your Organisation, Here’s Why

An image of 2 men drinking coffee and having a chat at Membership Excellence 2016

Member engagement is key to taking your membership organisation further in 2016. A focus on engagement means shifting from rapid recruitment practices towards building deeper relationships with existing members. My colleague Carleen and I talked with engagement experts at Membership Excellence 2016, a conference by MemberWise. We want to share our key takeaways on membership engagement with you. Watch […]