Learning by Doing – My Marketing Research Internship at VeryConnect


By Niklas Cedenheim. Marketing Research Intern at VeryConnect. Psychology Student at the University of Glasgow.

Embarking on your first internship can be an intimidating experience. When I first applied to VeryConnect, my expectations were positive, but vague. By jumping straight into a startup, I hoped to learn more about the inner workings of a company. I also wanted to get exposure to innovative technology and digital marketing tools. Read on to see how my expectations compared with reality, and how the internship has influenced my long-term career thinking.

Entering the Office

I had a feeling from the start that VeryConnect would be different from my previous workplaces. This was confirmed the moment I entered the office. VeryConnect is based in a refurbished 19th-century prison that today is a startup hub. The office is an inspiring environment that is perfect for exchanging ideas and for networking.

Office networking_Very Connect
Networking in the office at an event by Social Media Alba

The team is passionate and hardworking, but they also value flexibility. When the exam period hit me I felt incredibly lucky to be able to swap my working hours without any problems. This in turn motivated me to contribute my very best, and I ended up finishing my first project two weeks before the deadline.

Internship Highlights

During my internship, I have conducted several research projects from start to finish. The projects all have close ties with VeryConnect’s marketing, branding, PR, and social media presence. In my favourite project I researched what it takes to become a successful alumni professional. My research became the basis of a blog post. Being able to follow this project from research to publish was incredibly insightful. Overall, the projects have been rewarding, and I feel like I have made a tangible contribution to the company.

The work as an intern is mostly independent, but the VeryConnect team is supportive throughout all tasks. They often checked in to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and to give helpful advice. I was also asked for feedback on various projects and my input was considered in the decision making process. While there are some research tasks that simply need to be done, there is room for brainstorming, and your ideas will always be taken seriously.  This degree of openness and collaboration was my favourite aspect of the internship.

Very Connect_Team
The VeryConnect Glasgow team.

Lessons Learned

The ideal internship should be a great learning experience. When reflecting back it is clear that the internship with VeryConnect has given me plenty of new experiences that are useful for the future. These include being present at strategic meetings, seeing how press releases are made, and getting an introduction to SEO. As I hoped at the outset, I also learned a lot from using and observing the technology and digital marketing tools used by the company.

I realised through my internship that I prefer working in a startup with a smaller tight-knit team, than in the larger organisations I have worked for in the past. In a startup you’re never going to be ‘just another employee’. Whether I’ve become a small-business enthusiast to the core remains to be seen. What I do know is that VeryConnect has sparked my curiosity and left me with impressions that I will take with me throughout my career. This, if anything, is what a successful internship experience should do.

My three months at VeryConnect have been inspiring, and I look forward to follow how the company develops even after my internship is over. If you are looking for an inspiring place to work you can follow them too:

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