How we can Provide Membership Software in Your Language


Is the main language of your membership organisation different from English? We can supply membership software in a range of languages.

VeryConnect receives requests from all over the world. In April we won a contract with an influential Swedish networking organisation. One of the main criteria was to provide the software in Swedish. By having done one translation, we can now easily add future translations to most languages.

How does this work? The software has every piece of text held in a very efficient database. Depending on the language settings the correct text is displayed – whether that’s ‘Login’ in English or ‘Logga in’ in Swedish. This means that the software can display different text automatically just by changing one language setting.

Swedish membership software
Log in page of VeryConnect’s membership software in Swedish.

Working with international clients and global memberships means that we already support payment processing in multiple currencies. Our software is also flexible enough to manage different date formats and timezones.

On receiving a similar international request today, our system can be rapidly translated. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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By Anna Bjorkman, Marketing Manager at VeryConnect

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