7 Membership Admin Tasks we can Automate for You


Spending too much time on mundane membership administration tasks will not only be tedious but also take time from what actually matters, such as understanding and engaging with your members.

Here are seven ways our software can help you to make membership administration easier.

Automating renewals

Automatic renewals helps you to reduce churn. It also makes life easier by reducing the amount of administration required at renewals. We can do auto-renewals by credit/debit card or direct debit.

Renewal reminder emails

Our system can send your members automatic and personalised reminders before their next payment is due. If your members are paying automatically this will simply inform them that their next payment is coming off soon. If they are paying manually they can do so by clicking a link in the email.

Admin view of renewal reminder template
Admin view of renewal reminder. Your branding will be used for the email header and footer.

Keeping member records up to date

Members can sign up using social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Your member database will automatically synchronise with your members’ social media accounts. When they update their information on social media it will immediately get imported to your database.

You can also let your members update their own records. Giving them an account for self service can make life easier both for your members and for your team.

Creating reports on member demographics and engagement

Your system gives you automatic member insights by using social media and any information you request from your members when they join. This is visually presented using coloured charts that we can adjust to show what your organisation needs to see. You can also see reports on which members are engaging the most with your community, and who might need a push to make the most of what you have to offer.

Member sign up pie chart
Pie chart showing how many of the members in your database that have signed up to the member area.

Creating name badges for events

You can allow event bookings on your membership system. The platform auto-generates name badges, attendee lists, and sign in sheets with the names of all attendees. You can simply print these off, or save them as PDFs.

Booking and payment confirmations

Your software will send confirmation emails on specific member actions, such as booking an event and making a payment. If a payment fails the system will let the member know why, and they will not be able to enter the member area before their next payment has been successful.

Matching members with similar interests

Networking is an important aspect for almost any membership organisation. Your members can automatically get suggestions of other members with similar interests so they can start a conversation in the member area.

Members matching based on interest
Suggestions of members with similar interests.

These are only some of the ways we can make membership administration easier. Get in touch with us to see all we can do to help your organisation.

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By Anna Bjorkman, Marketing Manager at VeryConnect

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