Meeting our customers in person


Elise Mackirdy from VeryConnect (left), meeting with Kate Murdoch from NMIS (right).

With Teams and Zoom calls replacing a lot of in person travelling and physical meetings, it’s so valuable to meet with our customers face to face, when the opportunity arises.

This month we met with the National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland which is an industry-led network of partners involved in manufacturing research and development facilities. NMIS procured their VeryConnect platform a few weeks ago and met with Elise from our Customer Success team as part of their setup and onboarding process. 

BSH delegates at their April 2024 BSH Multi-Disciplinary Training Meeting in Glasgow

The British Society for Heart Failure ​​(BSH) held their annual conference in Glasgow at the Golden Jubilee Hospital in the Conference Hotel in April 2024. Our Customer Success team members Jennifer and Iola were delighted to meet in person and discuss what’s been working well and what plans there are to change and enhance different areas moving forwards. The BSH has a large expert membership base in the health sector and have been using their VeryConnect Membership CRM since April 2022. 

Visiting Glasgow?

Glasgow is home to the world renowned Scottish Event Campus and many associations and societies visit each year for their annual conferences and congresses. If you’re visiting Glasgow and would like to meet face to face, we’ll be delighted to come and meet with you. You’re also always welcome to come and visit us. We’re just 10 minutes walk away from the SEC through the vibrant Finnieston area which we’d highly recommend finding a good spot for lunch.

Google Maps view of Glasgow

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