7 ways members may expect you to improve in 2018 because of Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is becoming increasingly established. CEOs are recognising that customers today are empowered and that the customer perception of their brand is one of their most valuable assets. Every step of the customer journey needs to give a solid brand image that delivers on all pre-sale promises. A study in 2016 found that 75% […]

Young member perspectives: Benefits of an online community

Engaging younger members is a key priority for many membership organisations. Members are increasingly expressing the need for an interactive online experience, and the ability to connect with each other online. However, with social media being a natural part of life for many members you might ask if there is any point in creating a […]

GetApp Lab uncovers the importance of online member portals – Our thoughts on the 2017 Membership Management Report

GetApp Lab provides research, analysis, and insights to help you choose the right software to grow your business. They recently published a report uncovering the increasing need for membership organisations to move online by providing digital platforms for member self-service and networking. Their team surveyed 200+ respondents who participate in a range of membership organisations. […]

5 Ways our online community area helps personalise the member experience

Creating personalised online experiences for members is a challenge for many membership organisations. In the MemberWise report Digital Excellence 2017 less than half of respondents had achieved any online personalisation for their members. With our membership software and integrated online community area you can create engaging and personalised member experiences. You can segment your members based on […]

6 Ways our Membership Software Simplifies Member Signup and Retention

Today our expectations are high when it comes to the level of online self-service provided by any organisation. Membership is no different. Your members may no longer have the patience for badly integrated signup and renewal processes. At VeryConnect we love efficiency, for you and for your members. Here are six ways our software makes […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Digital Membership Transformation Project

Are you running your membership from an Excel spreadsheet, or do you have a database that isn’t meeting your member and admin needs? It might be time to move to more efficient digital technologies that free up your time and let you focus on engaging your members. Understanding the project’s impact on your stakeholders and […]

How to Help Your Members to Network

What attracts members to your organisation, and what makes them stay? The feeling that they are getting something out of their membership. One of the main benefits that people typically seek from joining is networking opportunities. Networking provides value to your members in the form of social capital, meaning the value of who you know. Professional […]

Using Gamification on Your Online Community Platform – Principles, Examples, and Ideas

Gamification is no longer a novelty. Digital tools that reward our achievements have been trending for the past few years. Gamification simply means applying game principles in a non-game context. It can be used to boost, for example, our learning ability and physical health. Gamification can also be used to increase member engagement on your […]

What Defines Good Software?

Depending on the size, maturity and culture of your organisation, buying software can involve numerous different processes. These range from standard procurement procedures to advanced change and risk management analysis. Unfortunately, for too many organisations, the process of buying, developing and deploying good software can be painful to navigate and take a very long time. […]

It’s Not About Age – How to Engage Millennials in Membership Organisations

By 2020 the millennial generation, born between 1980 and 2000, will form 50% of the global workforce. Finding the right way to engage these people will have dramatic impact on the future of any membership organisation. VeryConnect is a largely millennial company and we believe that the solution to how to engage millennials may be more […]