What our team is thankful for this Thanksgiving

Having an attitude of gratitude has a range of benefits, including improving your physical health and relationships with other people. Our international team took a moment to reflect on what we are the most thankful for in 2017. Our new office We moved offices in August to allow for business growth. Our new office is in […]

4 Online Business Tools We Use and How They Can Help You

At VeryConnect we use a variety of tools to help our business operations run smoothly. Here are four of our favourites that can help you and your organisation too. If you would like to have a chat with us to learn more about these tools and how we can help you to set them up, […]

Learning by Doing – My Marketing Research Internship at VeryConnect

By Niklas Cedenheim. Marketing Research Intern at VeryConnect. Psychology Student at the University of Glasgow. Embarking on your first internship can be an intimidating experience. When I first applied to VeryConnect, my expectations were positive, but vague. By jumping straight into a startup, I hoped to learn more about the inner workings of a company. […]