7 ways members may expect you to improve in 2018 because of Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) is becoming increasingly established. CEOs are recognising that customers today are empowered and that the customer perception of their brand is one of their most valuable assets. Every step of the customer journey needs to give a solid brand image that delivers on all pre-sale promises. A study in 2016 found that 75% […]

The 5 most shared tips for membership organisations in 2017

What topics resonated the most with the membership sector in 2017? To get an idea we looked at the most shared content. We used Buzzsumo to find the most shared articles about membership organisations published in 2017, then organised these by the number of LinkedIn shares to focus on professional articles only. Finally, we condensed the list to only include articles […]

What you need to know about timing membership renewals

Membership renewals are a key concern for many membership organisations. You need to ensure that the renewal process is as smooth as it can be, including that the timing is right. Our business development team noticed that they have many conversations with membership organisations that run annual renewals in January. Having seen advice against this, […]

5 Ways our online community area helps personalise the member experience

Creating personalised online experiences for members is a challenge for many membership organisations. In the MemberWise report Digital Excellence 2017 less than half of respondents had achieved any online personalisation for their members. With our membership software and integrated online community area you can create engaging and personalised member experiences. You can segment your members based on […]

6 Ways our Membership Software Simplifies Member Signup and Retention

Today our expectations are high when it comes to the level of online self-service provided by any organisation. Membership is no different. Your members may no longer have the patience for badly integrated signup and renewal processes. At VeryConnect we love efficiency, for you and for your members. Here are six ways our software makes […]

How we can Provide Membership Software in Your Language

Is the main language of your membership organisation different from English? We can supply membership software in a range of languages. VeryConnect receives requests from all over the world. In April we won a contract with an influential Swedish networking organisation. One of the main criteria was to provide the software in Swedish. By having done […]

How to Engage Your Alumni from Day One

How do you make students want to give back to their alma mater? Universities have been asking themselves this question more or less since the creation of the higher education system as we know it. However, as old as the task of alumni engagement may be, things have started to change. Previously tried-and-true strategies of […]

Tutorial: Google Analytics for Membership Organisations. Part 2 – Website Performance

Following our tutorial on how to get started with Google Analytics I’m going to walk you through the Audience Overview. This is the first page you see when you access your website data in Analytics. Audience Overview shows you five of the most important website analytics in just one screen. We’ll be looking at all of these: traffic, bounce rate, […]

8 Ways to Engage Your Millennial Members Online

Are you looking for inspiration on how to engage the millennials in your membership organisation? This blog will give you eight key points and examples for how you can use the web to better engage this demographic. I have already written a blog on why we at VeryConnect agree with the CEO of Hootsuite that the term […]